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ändernde rückwärtige Dichtung Welle des Getriebes..... HILFE!

Stevie Wonder

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Hallo Michael (NULLZWOTII) und jeder:-)


Ich arbeite langsam, um die rückwärtige Dichtung Welle des Getriebes zu ändern. Ich habe das exhaust System entfernt und die Hitzeschilder wie die Bentley BMW Betriebsanleitung8-/ , die gesagt werden, um zu tun UND das Bentley:frage: empfiehlt sich, die Getriebewelle zu entfernen.


Frage: Muß ich wirklich die Getriebewelle entfernen oder sollte ich gerecht sie am Getriebe trennen?Danke



exhaust System = Absaugventilatorrohre ??? Nein?:camping:


Hello Michael (NULLZWOTII) and everybody


I am slowly working to change the gearbox rearward shaft sealing.

I have removed the exhaust system and the heat shields like the Bentley service manual said to do AND the Bentley recommends removing the driveshaft.


Question: Do I really need to remove the driveshaft or should I just disconnect it at the gearbox?Thx

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Hi Steve!

What the f.. are you doin with a Bentley manual? We have BMW's! :-)

I must confess that I'm not an expert for engine and gearbox, more for bodyrepairs as I worked in a garage for crash repairs some years ago, but I will try to help you as good as I can. First try to read this one:


Disconnecting at the gearbox should be enough for what you want to do. Maybe the Bentley shaft is so heavy that they have to remove it completely? I have no idea. In case of further questions, I will have look again in here tomorrow morning. Good N8!



Ahh, is Bentley the author of a BMW manual?



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Yep, that is the process. Looks pretty much the same as the Bentley BMW Manual. uuuugh if only I was a real mechanic (nut-runner?) btw here is the link translated, kind of trippy huh?


Danke Michael



Shaft seals transmission exit change

Guidance for changing the Simmeringe at the transmission exit.



  • 13, 14, 17, 19 ring/thin spanners
  • Puller (for the transition from cardan shaft to the transmission, fastened to the transmission - this part which I mean is a three-star flange, where cardan shaft and transmissions are screwed together)
  • !!!Spezialnuss!!! (30) for the nut/mother at the transmission transition (it also a large box spanner, it may however the measure of 38,8 outside diameters goes not exceed (I have mine aufner turning lathe fast times turned off of 41 to 38,8))
  • various screwdrivers (small to large)
  • 2 supporting blocks to raise the rear axle
  • 2 hammer (small and large)
  • Pliers - bent Spitzange, tubing pliers

First the exhaust and/or the Katteil must be dismounted from exhaust, in addition the 6 screws at the flange between elbow unions and breech piece, the cable from the Lamdasone abklipsen (that has a patch cord approx. 15cm after the probe). Then the 4 nuts/mothers with pins at the transition to

Final scarf absorbers unscrew (if it gives there nix, can also the exhaust system with final pot be dismantled), then still the one screw in the center of the Katteils unscrew (suspension at the transmission to). Then the exhaust remove.

Afterwards the heat shield unscrew (with the Cabrio is to it somewhat far in front a prop with 6 screws on the left and on the right in each case 3, sees out like a boom rank) in the back is fastened the sheet metal with two screws to another, afterwards in each case a screw comes then the sheet metal in each case decreases on the right of and on the left of 2 screws and in the center is on both sides (caution is than it looks heavier).

If the sheet metal down is begins the fun first times. The cardan shaft must be separated only at the screws, which are connected with the Dreieckflanch, the flexible disk can at the wave remain installed. If the screws are the matter, the mittellager loosen (2 13zehner screws) however not yet completely unscrew. THENOH with a small stemmeisen carefully the wave back-press, until it hinges away easily downward.

Now the mittellager (hold chunk ready for subordinating) and the wave placings completely unscrew or otherwise fasten. Now the lock plate at the transmission exit is removed and solved then the 30-Spezialnuss on the nut/mother to put and carefully (is fastened with screw adhesive). If this is needs we then off the puller, around the triangle flange rauszubekommen (ask with feeling, which consists of cast irons, which shatters very fast with pressure). If off is already see we the large shaft seal. This can be exchanged now for a new.

But now only times to the small. The switching mechanism needs to solve it only on a side, i.e. is enough on at the transmission, completely. If the lever away is, must you only the attachment from the switching mechanism at the Gertiebe solve. In addition the feather/spring lock plate pushes aside and pushes the small safety lock pin, which is to be seen then raus (goes pushing only into a direction to, with me wars downward). Now the part goes off. Like their it took off, and puts down it notices you best equivalent in such a way.

Now also the small shaft seal is to be seen. Now the Fummellei goes loosely.

Change the small ring as the first. I hineingedengelt above it with a small screwdriver and hammer, so which he rauskippte easily down (do not draufhauen too much, otherwise it goes into the transmission) then

I could rausziehen it down with a bent Spitzange. With the large it is simpler. With a small screwdriver into a side between transmission cases and shaft seal in-strike (VORSICHT, no force, much feeling) so which he direction wave easily nicks. Into this break now with a Spitzange seize and rausziehen the ring. If both outside are, break make.

Craze you meanwhile a small chunk. With the Kloetzchen can do you the new large shaft seal again hineindengeln. Ziehmlich single that goes small is for it the more heavily. There one quite, left, above and down draufhauen at the same time must with the Kloetzchen (have 10 Minutendranrumprobiert), had I an idea. I took my Zuendkerzenstecker(der am deeply enough for the tap and had also that

correct diameter), and drove with that the ring inside (the holding rubber from the zuendkerzenstecker rausziehen before). Genuinly super went. With the small holzkloetzchen one still another bischen can do over again to it sits correctly.

So, which already. Now must assemble only everything for it again.

If still questions are please to the following email write: Necktou@t online.de (Sebastian)


Big_Poschi@Hotmail.com (Poschi)




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Hi Steve,


tell us which words you can't understand;


i'm sure everybody here will do his best to help you:smbmw:



Oh mann.... Hey Steff I'm sorry, for not responding in a better way, and there are many words that I don't understand. It was late and I was not thinking too clearly and I have been sleeping all day.



Those instructions are similar to the instructions that I have in the service manual here. I really appreciate the offer and I will ask about any words that I don't understand. Basically I had only glanced at the instructions. I will study them closer. My most sincere apologies.



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Hi Steff,,, here's a lot of words that I can't understand. Would you help me out? Thanks Steve

  • Spezialnuss ?



Lamdasone ?



rauskippte ?




nicks ?



hineindengeln ?


10 Minutendranrumprobiert = beer ?


holzkloetzchen ?

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Hi Steve,

i will try to translate these things which i know:

Spezialnuss ? => special Nut

10 Minutendranrumprobiert ? => tryed for 10 minutes

VORSICHT? => Attention

draufhauen? => hit on it

Ziehmlich? => nearly

rausziehen? => pull out

Spitzzange => pointedly pliers?

Zuendkerzenstecker? => Spark Plug remove tool :idee:

holzkloetzchen ? => a piece of wood

greets from Switzerland









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Diese :e30talk: Web site ist solch ein beschäftigter Platz, es ist eine Herausforderung, zum mit alles aktuell zu bleiben, das hier geht!!!:-D

This :e30talk: website is such a busy place, it's a challenge to stay up to date with everything that goes here!!!:-D

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some more words.


Spitzzange - long nose pliers


Lambdasonde - lambda sensor


Dreiecksflansch - triangle flange


rauskippte - has tilted out (or out of?)


draufhauen - strike up


rausziehen - pull out


VORSICHT - attention


Kloetzchen - small blocks (the small wooden toy-blocks e.g.)


hineindengeln - hm...that's hard...forming sheet metal with a little hammer, that's "dengeln"..."hinein" means "into"


ziemlich - quite


Zehnminutendranrumprobiert - tried it out 10mins.-->Beer


Zündkerzenstecker - spark plug terminal


Holzkloetzchen - Kloetzchen; made of wood



I hope this is a little bit helpful for you...





Die Tatsache, dass ich paranoid bin, heißt noch lange nicht, sie seien nicht hinter mir her!

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sorry, i didnt want to make a joke out of you, didnt know u did translate it. thought its is some kind of translating machine

but the sentence sounds really funny:-(



Alles ist gut! Ich verstand, daß es nicht ein Witz war :-)


No worries Jannis ;-)

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oh, ich liebe diesen Thread. Der arme Steve, gebabelfisht muß er diese Drecksarbeit machen...


oh, I love this thread. Poor Steve, fished himself by babel he have to do this dirty work...


Good luck, Steve!!









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Hi! Just an update: The driveshaft is disconnected at the transmission and is hanging by a stiff wire. I have the 30mm deep-socket, but tomorrow it must be grind down some before it will fit into the output flange to remove the collar nut. Then I can remove the output flange, remove the old seal and install the new one. Then the selector shaft seal should be replaced. The flex-disc is cracked in a few places so it needs to be replaced also. It is dirty work indeed. I have been covered in grease and dirt the 2 times that I've been underneath the car. I would have put the car in the shop but I didn't want to afford the $450.00 that it quoted for the repairs. Greetings, Steve


Now I shall copy and paste this text into the so called "translator" and see what it spits out.




Hallo! Gerade ein Update: Die Getriebewelle wird am Getriebe getrennt und hängt durch eine steife Leitung. Ich habe die 30mm Tiefeinfaßung, aber morgen muß es Schleifen sein, einiges niederzuwerfen, bevor es in den Ausgang Flansch paßt, um die Stellringnuß zu entfernen. Dann kann ich den Ausgang Flansch entfernen, die alte Dichtung entfernen und das Neue anbringen. Dann sollte die Wählwelle Dichtung ersetzt werden. Die Biegenscheibe wird in einigen Plätzen geknackt, also muß sie auch ersetzt werden. Es ist schmutzige Arbeit in der Tat. Ich bin im Fett und im Schmutz die 2 Zeiten bedeckt worden, daß ich unter das Auto gewesen bin. Ich würde das Auto in das Geschäft eingesetzt haben, aber ich wollte nicht mir die $450.00 leisten, die es für die Reparaturen veranschlug. Grüße, Steve



Jetzt kopiere ich und klebe diesen Text in den sogenannten "Übersetzer" und sehe, was es heraus spuckt.

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Good work, Steve, better than the translator ;-)


Thats it, save money and learn something about your car...








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