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  1. Well, the classic store seems to now be under BMW after sales (AOS). I will try and get access and report back.
  2. Expensive... But may be worth for big orders. I want access to whatever these sites have access too... Some kind of backend BMW database of parts with stocks and direct ordering... How to organise that hm?
  3. All the parts I buy from the UK dealer are shipped from Germany anyway. I want to go directly to Germany. Also, does anyone here have access to BMW AOS system? Some up to date stock/prices would be nice too...
  4. I have tried signing up there but my account immediately gets banned... Maybe because I have a UK IP address?
  5. Hello my German friends. I am from the UK and your forum is a lot more active than the forums we have! Our E30s over here very rarely came with AC, and I am in the process of retrofitting AC to my car! Does anyone know of any good guides/literature on this retrofit? I am really struggling as there isn't much information out there... Thank you from across the sea!
  6. Hi there, I am from the UK so sorry as I don't speak German. I'm pretty tired of the service here by BMW Dealerships and want to order straight from Germany. What dealerships do you recommend, For E30s, and is there a way to skip the dealer completely and order from the warehouse? Best Regards, Sam
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