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  1. Maybe someone can help me with my project? Still looking for: I need a few original details from M3 E30 for my project: Front left bumper bracket M3 E30 Front a-pillar trim M3 E30 I have attached a photo of these parts, if not clear. A friend of mine in Munich can buy them for me if there are difficulties with shipping to Russia
  2. Choosing the clutch was easy. On my turbo m50 at one time there was a SPEC Stage 3+ clutch from an S38 engine with an M5, designed for a moment up to 525Nm. Up to 550 hp, it showed itself very well, and it was possible to drive it like a normal one. Therefore, I decided to buy the same for the S85. Now it remains to make a flywheel for it. The engine was bought without a flywheel, since I did not want to use the original damper flywheel, the price for it was not small, and I thought that it would not be difficult to find a dead flywheel from an S85 for re
  3. Next, we moved on to making the engine wiring. It was decided to preserve the factory look under the hood as much as possible, so the wiring for the ABIT was remade from the original S85 wiring. Several days of work and the initial version of the wiring was ready. Also, changes were made to the algorithm of the operation of some parts, for example, the engine cooling fan at 1st and 2nd speed will be turned on by a signal from ABIT, the air conditioner pump clutch will also be activated from the engine control unit with the ability to turn off when the gas
  4. The removal of the vanos, which I wrote about in the previous part, brought another very big plus: the work on installing the radiator and its pipes was much easier due to the fact that the engine in the places of the vanos became much shorter. I had to think a lot about the radiator. It was immediately decided to make a custom radiator. There were two main problems: • Firstly, for the base, it was necessary to select from catalogs the largest radiator that fits into the E30 in size • Secondly, the original radiator from S85 consists of 2 separate radiator
  5. Considering that our vanos pump was inoperative, it was decided to remove the vanos. This decision was prompted, firstly, by the fact that buying a used pump is a lottery, and their prices are not cheap. A new pump costs about more than 1,500 euros, moreover, it is not known in what condition the vanos themselves are, and their cost is also not small. And secondly, as I wrote in one of the previous parts, according to the experience of other S85 owners, even more power can be removed without them. Split gears were made from the original drives of the vanos with the ability to mech
  6. When choosing an engine control unit, one of the main arguments was the opportunity to abandon the S85 electronics and its unreliable electrical units. One of them is throttle valve actuators. It took a long time to choose between mechanical and electrical from another car. So far, for simplicity, it was decided to stay on the mechanical one. A couple of days of work and the throttle drive is ready and even works, the gas opens completely, when the pedal is released, it closes quickly. Fastened to original places. The throttle cable was picked up f
  7. Korvet M11.x can expand up to 6 ign drivers Link has 8 ign drivers: https://www.nzefi.com/product/link-g4-thunder-ecu/ (все хорошо заработало на абите, спасибо за предложение)
  8. http://abit.spb.ru/en/ice-control/benzinovye-i-gazovye-bloki-upravleniya/m11-korvet/
  9. We have chosen an ABIT engine control unit (made in Russia), or rather two ABIT engine blocks, which will work together as a master and a slave, which will allow organizing 10 ignition channels. Now I will try to explain why such a decision was made. There were several reasons: • The main and decisive finally determining the choice in favor of a non-original engine control unit is the inoperability of the vanos pump. Of course, we could find a used pump or in the end buy a new one, but there were still other vanos elements, which are also far from new, and the cost of the ent
  10. And now we come close to the question that began to excite me very much even before buying the engine - about the engine control unit. For me, in general, this question seemed to be the most difficult in the whole swap, because for the normal operation of the original MSS65 engine control unit, a huge number of sensors with E60 are needed, which have nothing to do with the engine directly. Otherwise, the engine control unit falls into an error, the engine does not rotate more than 4-5 thousand, it does not give out power. Several options were considered for solving the brain probl
  11. We continued to adjust everything, welded the water pipes. I thought for a long time what to do with the expansion tank, I really wanted to leave the original from the S85, moving the power steering tank to the right, but the expansion tank from the S85 did not fit in any way, very high in height. Then we decided to use the original tank from the M3 E30, let me remind you that on the M3 it stands where the battery is on a regular car. The advantage of this tank is that, like the tank from the S85, it has two thin inlets from the radiator. We ordered a new
  12. I need M3 A-pillar covers, not normal E30
  13. Maybe someone can help me with my project? I need a few original details from M3 E30 for my project: Front left bumper bracket Front a-pillar trim Covering the sunroof mechanism I have attached a photo of these parts, if not clear. A friend of mine in Munich can buy them for me if there are difficulties with shipping to Russia
  14. The oil filter housing on the S85 is quite large, with outlets to the engine on one side and to the oil cooler on the other. Finding a place for it was very difficult. Considering the outlets of the oil channels from the engine on the right side, there was a place to the right of the engine, between the bumper and the wheel arch liner, but on the e30 there is an air conditioner dehumidifier that I didn't really want to carry (yes, I also really wanted to leave the air conditioner, although at the first fitting it became clear that the original air conditi
  15. The time has come to remove our model and install the main engine in place, but before that we had to make sure that it is generally alive. We removed the lower part of the engine block, the connecting rod caps. The connecting rod bushings are very worn out, but the crankshaft is without wear, there are no scuffs in the cylinders as far as from below !!! Here is a photo of the inserts, it is not mine, but the condition is about the same, maybe a little better. New spare parts were ordered for the engine instead of the worn ones, and the engine was assembled, the oil p
  16. In the previous part, we stopped at the fact that the steering column under the hood looks exactly at the exhaust manifold, and the engine cannot be raised higher, and it is not clear whether the hood will close or not. There were two options for solving the problem: the first was to welded the exhaust manifold, the second was to move the place where the steering column exited the body. We chose the second option, if it was a real M3, then the first option would most likely be chosen, because it would be a shame to cut the body. And now the grinder went into action again and we slightly
  17. We removed the engine oil pan a couple of weeks ago, now it's time to dock it to the front axle support. The main task was to push the motor as far as possible to the engine shield and adjust it in height so that the hood was closed and there was no need to make a hump on it. Cut off a piece Welded: Then it became clear that, as expected, the original front axle support did not fit, we saw it And we begin to customize: T
  18. Thanks, about flywheel and clutch in next parts I don`t want move brake booster to headlight, because this place will be the air filter housing
  19. So, the gearbox is fitted to the engine and it's time to insert it into the engine of the car. But not everything is so fast))). As I wrote in the previous part, a parts of the S85 engine was rented from friends, so it was first inserted on the block of wood. Fixed it The catalysts were sawed off from the exhaust manifolds, they are definitely not needed, and they do not fit. It was a pleasant surprise that the pipe turned out to be exactly 63mm there, then we will weld the V-Band to it, but I thought that it was thicker and the d
  20. It's time to select a gearbox. And for now, we decided to follow the path of the old reliable Getrag 265 gearbox from the M30. A big plus of this gearbox is in a removable bell, which, firstly, makes it easier to dock with the block, and secondly, makes it much easier to replace it on the car. We have no doubts that this gearbox will withstand the power of the S85. even Getrag 260 lived without any problems on our turbo machines in drag with a capacity of 600-750hp. And the 5th overdrive allows you to put a shorter gearbox. In addition, the legendary dogleg geabox is installed ins
  21. 4 months later we washed the engine a little and began to disassemble it. We removed the attachment, the manifold and reached the engine oil pan. We took it off and saw such a surprise ... and this is the engine, which, judging by the video, started and worked ... To say that I was upset is to say nothing. The first desire after I saw this was to immediately stop this project. It turned out that the vanos pump had collapsed, which pumps 200bar to rotate them quickly. A used pump costs about 500 euros, and a new one c
  22. Soon, my friends will have an M5 parse from England in Belarus. I knew the seller for a long time, called him, found out that the car was still in England, the car after a minor accident, the engine mileage is about 100 thousand km and it is possible to start it and shoot a video of the work. After watching the video, I decided to buy, bargained a little and after about a month I took the motor from the transport. First impression: how big it is !!! you can't insert it into a small E30))) !!!.
  23. The body kit included a half-installed S38B36. For his swap into this car in 2008, a good M5 E34 was bought and this engine was removed from it. He didn’t suit me at all due to the fact that he doesn’t get up very well in E30, and he doesn’t ride fantastically. The S14, which was regularly installed in the M3 E30, was also rejected almost immediately, firstly, it was unjustifiably expensive, secondly it was going badly, and thirdly and most importantly: in 2008 I brought myself an original M3 E30 from America, and two cars with S14 are somehow not interesting. We also
  24. Hello! Ich bin ein BMW E30 Enthusiast aus Russland, ich möchte Ihnen mein Projekt vorstellen. Leider spreche ich kein Deutsch, deshalb werde ich auf Englisch schreiben. I am a BMW E30 enthusiast from Russia, I want to present my project to you. Unfortunately, I do not speak German, so I will write in English. For the first time I saw this E30 in the year 2005-2006, when it was brought from St. Petersburg to a friend in the Moscow service with an ambitious project to make a replica of the M3 E30. All new original body parts were bought (bumpers, door sills, s
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