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BMW M3 Coupe S85B50 V10

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Considering that our vanos pump was inoperative, it was decided to remove the vanos. This decision was prompted, firstly, by the fact that buying a used pump is a lottery, and their prices are not cheap. A new pump costs about more than 1,500 euros, moreover, it is not known in what condition the vanos themselves are, and their cost is also not small. And secondly, as I wrote in one of the previous parts, according to the experience of other S85 owners, even more power can be removed without them.


Split gears were made from the original drives of the vanos with the ability to mechanically adjust the position of the camshafts.




We put the shafts along the valve overlaps.




Vanos covers were made on a milling machine







There were a lot of shavings))).




The result is the following installation kit:



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The removal of the vanos, which I wrote about in the previous part, brought another very big plus: the work on installing the radiator and its pipes was much easier due to the fact that the engine in the places of the vanos became much shorter.


I had to think a lot about the radiator. It was immediately decided to make a custom radiator. There were two main problems:


• Firstly, for the base, it was necessary to select from catalogs the largest radiator that fits into the E30 in size


• Secondly, the original radiator from S85 consists of 2 separate radiators and it was necessary to make a decision whether to repeat this scheme or make one radiator for 2 heads.


We did not understand exactly why the original S85 radiator was divided into 2 radiators, (like to reduce the pressure), but in order to avoid problems with fluid circulation, it was decided to repeat this scheme.


A radiator from an M3 E46 was chosen as the basis; it almost ideally fit in size and was available in Moscow.







It was before the new year and an order from Europe would have to wait at least a month. The original side plastic tanks were removed from the radiator






and welded aluminum.




We made the bends for the pipes and welded them.




The hoses from the S85 were shortened, tubes were inserted in the middle, and they fit perfectly into place.





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Great progress man!!! 



24V 16V Ringtool mit Eigenbauzelle, M5X Turbo, LS3 Mittelmotor, MAXXECU, M3e92 DKG, usw: http://goo.gl/RZ3aML



Kennfeldoptimierung für Z20 LET / Opel / Phase 1-3 /

Bremsenadapter 312mm & 4 Kolben, RX7 Bremse

Einzelteilkonstruktionen [CAD/CAM] u. Fertigung

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